EASA Test Module 9

  • 1 - What can be said for incidents in aviation caused by human?
    Human failures decreases as the times go on
    It is increased to 80%
    It decreases while the incidents caused by technology increases
  • 2 - Which definition is true for hull loss?
    Loss of airworthiness of aircraft after an accident
    The accidents that are not really noticed by public
    That is an unsignificant mistake corrected easily
  • 3 - Which can not be the consequence of Fender Bender accidents?
    Change of crew, medical care of injured persons
    Increase in assurance rate and rebooking of passengers
    Improvement of the image due to fast solution of problem
  • 4 - Waht does Mc Murphy’s law state?
    Many a little makes a mickle
    If anything can go wrong it will
    If you lie down with dogs you will rise up with fleas
  • 5 - Which of the followings is not an element of internal PSF?
    Inadequate training support
  • 6 - What are most recent PSFs?
    Insufficient type training, stress, inadequate working conditions
    Medical condition, stress, trouble
    Tools and equipment, education, frustration
  • 7 - Which of the followings can not be behaviour of certifying staff?
    In case of emergency situations he may ask the colleagues to help
    Working according to norms since he has enough training and experience
    He is aware of unsafe situations and acts carefully
  • 8 - What is the proper reaction in case of a mistake?
    Take any afford to find out why this could happen
    Take any afford to find out who made it
    Assign blame to the person to make him/her understand the mistake
  • 9 - What is the range of hearing of a human?
    20 Hz to 20 kHz
    20 Hz to 200 Hz
    20 kHz to 20,000 kHz
  • 10 - What is the sound intensity limit where ear protection must be worn?
    120 dB
    100 dB
    80 dB
  • 11 - Which of the following learning ways applies to processes such as memory, attention, perception etc.?
    Cognitive learning
    Motor learning
    Affective learning
  • 12 - Which of the following is some of the responsibilities of left brain?
    Musicality, artistic, intuition
    Responsible for rational intelligence
    Responsible for emotions
  • 13 - Which is not true for claustrophobia?
    It involves the fear of enclosed or confined spaces
    Claustrophobes may suffer from panic attack
    Indications of claustrophobia is activeness and comfort
  • 14 - Which is true according to Maslow’s Hierarchy?
    The lower need in pyramid, the less powerfull it is
    A person can only be motivated to a higher level if the lower one has been satisfied
    Security is one of the first needs of human
  • 15 - Which of the followings effects motivation of an employee negatively?
    Professional education
  • 16 - Personal habits and desires may effect a group norm of attitudes and behaviours. How is that called?
    Social psychology
    Peer pressure
  • 17 - Which is not function of management?
  • 18 - Which one is true for a Professional?
    He/she should be customer oriented and orderliness and serve immediately
    He/she should be on Schedule and self oriented
    Complacency, immediate service, consolidated knowledge can be his/her characteristics
  • 19 - Why are families and supervisor companies are important with respect to the requirements for an employee?
    They are the financial sources
    They support the employee to be successful in working life
    An employee doesnt need to make an effort to earn his/her living, they can do it instead of him/her
  • 20 - What are the elements of ideal fitness triangle?
    Mental and emotional health and physical fitness
    Physical activity, nutrition and emotional health
    Intellect, intuition, body
  • 21 - Any factor that causes stress is called…
  • 22 - How is positive stress called?
    Processive stress
  • 23 - How is negative stress called?
    Processive stress
  • 24 - Which element of fitness states that ‘keeping business and work up-to-date, accepting changes in technology, undergoing training on new software, hardware and procedures’?
  • 25 - Which can be the consequence of time pressure?
    Accomplishing a task immediately without any risk at the time
    Fatigue, stress and loss of efficiency
    Self actualisation, feeling highly motivated
  • 26 - According to Pareto Pricnciple, what can be said?
    80% of the working time is spent for 80% of the required result
    20% of the working time is spent for 20% of the required result
    80% of the time is spent for 20% of the required result
  • 27 - Which can be led by fatigue?
    It may cause microsleeps and loss of concentration
    An efficient work causes fatigue and it is the only way to gain a good experience
    It is able to continue functioning normal abilities due to an increased level of effort
  • 28 - Which is not true for the types of sleep?
    REM sleep is characterised by loss of skeletal muscle tone and sympathetic nervous system
    NREM sleep is characterised by parasympathetic nervous system
    During REM sleep, the body gets ready for tension and reflection
  • 29 - Which is true for working times?
    Working between 02:00 and 04:00 increases performance because the body is ready for wake-up
    Working time between 12:00 and 16:00 is the most ideal one
    Highest probability to make mistake is between 02:00 and 04:00
  • 30 - Which is less effective comparing the others, as the cause of the sleep disorders or short period sleeps?
    Change between day and night shift
    Less sleep during day time
    High responsibility in working area
  • 31 - What is the measurement unit of light intensity?
  • 32 - What is the lighting requirement in aircraft maintenance?
    It is desireable to use illumination as much as possible
    For a particular task there may be a spesific illumination interval
    According to the procedures, it is not allowed to perform maintenance except that at daylight
  • 33 - Which is true for the temperature in working area?
    Increasing temperature out of the ideal range will lead to an increase in the error rate
    The higher temperature the less rest needed
    Temperature must be Standard for any task and doesnt vary with work load
  • 34 - What are the elements of communication?
    Gesture, facial expression, posture, speach
    Subconscious mind, gesture, speach
    Speach, gesture, posture
  • 35 - What does visual management mean?
    Graffic to show all necessary information of next task and when to start it
    To check the cracks on a part or component visually
    To evaluate the performance of staff by observing
  • 36 - Which is true for the stages of Error Iceberg?
    The tip of the iceberg shows the serious incidents which have not been announced officially
    The middle section contains all occurences which can be officially investigated
    The lower section is visible and announced officially
  • 37 - Which dirty dozen factor exists in a working area where day shift doesnt know what night shift did last night?
    Lack of Teamwork
    Lack of Communication
  • 38 - Which is true for errors?
    75% of all errors are introduced during maintenance phase
    80% of all errors are discovered during customer operation
    75% of all errors are discovered during product definition, development and planning phase
  • 39 - Which of the following conditions creates a risk of no flight?
    Criticality of fault is high and there is no probability of fault occurence
    There is a probability of fault occurence and the fault is not critical
    There is a probability of fault occurence and criticality of fault is high
  • 40 - Which element of shel model includes the procedures and instructions?
  • 41 - What is the difference between ideal system and real system according to Swiss cheese model?
    In the ideal system there is no interference but pitfalls in real system
    In the real system there is an effect from human but not in ideal system
    Consequently, the ideal system is dangerous but the real system is not
  • 42 - Which of the following behaviours may lead to an accident?
    Abnormalities are not ignored
    Abnormalities are recognised and interpreted
    Malfunctions are not detected
  • 43 - In which hazard mode there is no risk?
  • 44 - In which hazard mode there is no risk?
  • 45 - What are the dynamic effects of Fish Bone?
    Man, machine, material
    Man, milieu, management
    Machine, method, material
  • 46 - What is the purpose of 6M diagram?
    To provide a feed-back system amongst all factors
    To achieve quality, safety and reliability
    To gain positive effect from all causes by improving management
  • 47 - What are the static effects of fish bone?
    man, machine, material
    man, milieu, management
    machine, method, material
  • 48 - What should you do if one of your colleague has alcohol problem at work?
    You are not trained for such a situation and you better do nothing
    Tell him it is not a good habit and suggest him to join a therapy session
    Try to convince him it is a dangerous situation and report it to your supervisors
  • 49 - The risk is defined by:
    Age of the aircraft and quality of maintenance
    Probability of fault criticality and occurence of faults in maintenance
    Probability of fault occurence and criticality of fault
  • 50 - What is the philosophy of SHELL Model?
    Defining relations between Hardware, Software and Enforcement
    Defining relations between Liveware, Hardware, Software and Environment
    Defining relations between Liveware, Software, Environment and Handling
  • 51 - What does ‘visual management’ mean?
    Grafic to show all steps of work over a time line
    Protocol from the last management meeting
    Report to show in writing the planned work over costs
  • 52 - What can be the correct behaviour to prevent a misunderstanding?
    Ask someone immediately if anything seems unclear
    That is not under your responsibility, an expert is needed
    Dont worry, someone will clear it
  • 53 - Claustrophobia is:
    Fear of flying
    Fear to work in small and constrained compartments
    Fear to work under ladders
  • 54 - What items are included in maslow’s hierarchy of human needs ?
    Recognition, information, leading feedback
    Mobbing, disregard, unfair salary
    Selfactualisation, esteem, security
  • 55 - Which elemet of Maslow’s hierarchy may cover the abilities of creativity and problem solving?
    Self actualisation
  • 56 - From the beginning of air operations the amount of technical related accidents are:
    Decreasing to about zero %
    Increasing to about 80%
    No change in the rate
  • 57 - Who must take training of Human Factors according to the regulations?
    All employees in a maintenance organisation
    Only certifying staff in a maintenance organisation
    Only supervisors in maintenance organisation
  • 58 - What are complacency, distraction and lack of communication items of?
    Cause and effect diagram
    Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs
    Dirty dozen
  • 59 - Why is the lack of awareness dangerous?
    Fully concentrated on the work
    Being not aware of work and having a distraction
    Target time may be exceeded
  • 60 - Why is it dangerous to work between 1 and 4 o’clock a.m?
    Aircraft is not suitable to be fixed at these hours
    Posibility of making mistake increases since the body rhythm slows down
    It is almost impossible to concentrate the task since the body rhythm speeds up
  • 61 - What is the importance of reporting and recording in aviation?
    Important for authorities to identify released aircraft
    To prove a safe job and anything was in accordance with the rules
    For knowledge and experience proof
  • 62 - What are the types of inspection in aviation?
    Only by measurement
    It is done mechanically by removing the malfunctions
    Visually and by measurement
  • 63 - What is the advantage of taking Human Factors training?
    Making less mistakes and have not to care anymore about quality and safety
    Making less mistakes and thereby reducing costs for repairs
    Working more quietly and respecting breaks every 60 minutes
  • 64 - What are the requirements for a qualified staff in aviation?
    Fitness, knowledge of type, teamwork
    Good basic education, language and communication skill
    Knowledge of type, anger management, being supported by the family
  • 65 - What are the main reasons of accidents?
    Technical faults and mistaken procedures
    Human failures and technical failures
    If anything can go wrong it will
  • 66 - Which of the following are the element of internal PSF?
    Frusturation, stress, education
    Bad environment, inadequate training support, trouble
    Tools and equipment, insufficient equipped workshop
  • 67 - Which doesnt make ‘safety culture’ in an organization?
    Exemplary function of all leading staff
    Be aware of unsafe situations
    Assign blame to the persons
  • 68 - Which of the following are under the responsibility of left half of brain?
    Control of left hand, reading, writing
    Control of right hand, logical toughts, speaking
    Musicality, artistic, intuition
  • 69 - Status, property and career are the elements of…
    Self actualisation
  • 70 - Which of the followingis not element of fitness?
    Interest, intellect, emotion
    Intellect, intuition, body
    Intellect, intiution, instinct
  • 71 - In a communication what are the sources for speaker to transmit a message, information or opinion?
    Personal experience, attitude, subconscious mind
    Gesture, facial expression, posture
    Perception, reception, background
  • 72 - The accronym SHELL stand for?
    Software, hardware, environment, liveware and language
    Software, hardware, environment, liveware and liveware
    Software, hardware, evolution, liveware and language
  • 73 - What is meant by Software in SHELL model?
    Facilities, equipments, hangars
    Tools and equipments
    Procedures, manuals, instructions
  • 74 - What is the purpose of SHELL model?
    To show that one system element can not be changed without influencing others
    To present things that a man must be isolated to work efficiently
    To improve the relation between two person by using the common materials around
  • 75 - One colleague tells you to be hurry in order to complete a task earlier than determined duration. Which element of dirty dozen explains this situation?
    Lack of awareness
    Time pressure
  • 76 - Which of the following can be a safety net against ‘distraction’?
    Try to complete task immediately then go to relax
    Use some medicine or drug to be able to focus the task
    Stop working or unfasten all connection and take a rest
  • 77 - Which of the following safety nets can not be useful against lack of communication?
    Use logbooks to communicate, to remove doubt
    Discuss the work to be done
    Use your sixth sense and assumptions when you need
  • 78 - Which of the following can be a mean against complacency?
    Use the manual even if the task has been made million times before
    Use your time efficiently and say no if you feel a pressure
    Stop working, that is not a profession that you can do
  • 79 - Which of the following is not an effect of excessive noise?
    Damage of eardrum
    Acoustic communication easiness
  • 80 - What is the possible consequence of time pressure?
    Errors may occur due to the stress, the target time may be exceeded
    Everyone will be winner since that will increase the efficiency of work
    All task is accomplished without any mistake and that will be a good exemplary consequence for others
  • 81 - How often is human factor gotton as a continuation training according to Part 145 regulations?
    1 year
    2 year
    3 year
  • 82 - Which is not under responsibility of right half brain?
    Control of right hand
    Pictorial vision
  • 83 - Which of the following about Maslow’s Hierarchy is correct?
    A person can only be motivated to a lower motivation level if the higher has been satisfied
    A person can be forced to want to do something but not to do it
    If the level security has been satisfied a person can be motivated to the level social
  • 84 - Which of the following gives positive motivation?
    Exessive demand
  • 85 - Which of the following can not be a behaviour of supervisor in positive motivating-management style?
    Appreciation of all performances
    Rewarding special service
    Complaints even for negligible errors
  • 86 - What can be the consequence of authoritarian management style?
    Supervisor and also employee are winner
    Employee will present an accepting appreciation against honest appreciation of supervisor
    Employee will internally quit after missing appreciation
  • 87 - What is the ideal working time interval?
    07:00-12:00 and 16:00-20:00
    02:00-04:00 and 16:00-20:00
    02:00-04:00 and 12:00-16:00
  • 88 - What defines the management in 6M(F ish Bone)?
    The conditions such as location, time etc
    Data generated from the process that are used to evaluate its quality
    How the process is performed and the specşfşc requirements for doing it

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